Some New Ground Rules from the Wife in the New Year

My wife showed her commitment to my passions, crazy though they may be, by surprising me with her support upon news of this latest purchase of the drink machine.  She wasn't excited per se, but I'll take "willing participant" at this stage any day.

She explained that in order for her to continue supporting this project, I need to show faith to the project. No more $5 sales here, or $1.50 profits there, with the exception that I can do it if the item is free to me.

So, here are her ground rules which I agreed to.

1. Only one purchase per month.

2. I cannot buy another item until I sell the previous item.

3. No small items for sale unless they are free to me.

4. All items purchased must either be ready to sell as is, or, if they are going to take work (labor, materials, time to research) then I have to factor my time into the product as further investment. We decided that my time on this project is worth $20 / hour. (blogging excluded).

5. I am to retain the goals of the project and seek the million dollars using the incremental steps laid out in the intro to the blog. We'll let the Smurf collection and scout badges slide this time, but from now on, it's game time.  Note: I do still have a few items in my inventory that are being made ready to sell. I will still sell these items off but when it comes to shopping the next steps will be large ones.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this new return to the old approach.

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