STEP TWENTY-FIVE: Vintage Monopoly

$4,100.39 becomes $4,130.39

This is pretty cool.  While driving past a thrift store in Tucson I'd never seen before I wandered in and found this cool game board and box for real cheap.  I bought it, taught my daughter how to play, used the famous "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card (so that now she knows that reference, and put the thing online. The game is either from 1946 or '51 but the game pieces are all wooden, referring to a time when they stopped making the metal game pieces like the shoe and iron due to metal shortages during the war.  Some of these games can go for $100 or more but I'll be happy with anything over a few bucks.

Bought for $6, Sold for $36
Project Profit: $4,130.39

Step Twenty-Five: 
Bought for $6, 
Sold for $36
Project Profit: $4,130.39

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