What lies ahead...

It looks like I'll make out all right on this frozen drink machine. Even if it stays at it's current selling price, I'll make enough to make the purchase worthwhile. From there I have one possible item picked out that, if it checks out and can be bought for the amount of money I have, may bring in close to 8k when sold.

What happens after that has me stumped, for the moment anyway.
 Doing a quick search on Craigslist, I isolated the selling items in the $6k - 9k range. It's amazing what you can buy for under ten grand. We're talking backhoes, monster trucks, huge walk in freezers, and RV's.  Basically, really big things that I don't have room for and a growing list of expertise that I have none of either.  I suppose there's always a nice car that I might be able to buy off someone in a hurry to sell and doesn't want to be taken by a dealer on a trade-in deal. 

At some point, however, as was predicted by my brother over a year ago, I'm going to get to a level where it gets harder to find things to buy.  Eventually, I won't be able to rely on Craigslist to search for a $100,000 item.  The higher one goes, the smaller the pool of buyers and sellers.  

There is a comforting thought to this though.  I'm just one person and I'm just looking for one thing to buy at each level.  Perhaps there aren't huge lots of items to buy in higher ranges, but since I only need to do each level once, I feel pretty good that I'll be able to find a single item for each step one way or another.  In the meantime, it's fun to see the number of views and watchers grow on my various Ebay auctions now and wonder where the chips will all fall come this weekend.  


  1. I think cars is the next logical step. CL searches for "must sell" may help. As I think about this concept though I also think you would have a real problem after say $10-30k. Though another thought is to do this with several items so when you max out at $100k on 10 items you are at your goal.

  2. Great comment, thanks. I agree that cars may be in my future. Though, based on past CL searches, I believe I'll have more luck finding the most bargain prices using the search term, "Must Sale". It's an unfortunate indication, at least to a small degree, why some people struggle more than others. Then again, the environment that such a car would be kept also concerns me.

    1. Ha! I have to search the same term! There are more results for "must sale" than "must sell" usually. Also check police and government auctions!