Some neighbors had upgraded their kids' room and was getting rid of a bunk bed set. It was in pieces and was missing a few screws, but the major pieces were all there. It was a colorful bed with a built in folding desk, an attached play tent and a ladder on the side.  Most people buy new mattresses when they buy a used bunk bed so I didn't bother with that.  My neighbors were happy to get it moved off of their front porch. I stored it in my garage while I listed it for a quick sale locally on Craigslist. I started at $200 but when I got no offers or calls at that level I simply started dropping the price every couple of days. A week later I had sold it to a dad who was giving it to his 6 year old for his birthday for $120.

Step Twenty-Two: Free turned into $120
Project Profit: $3,776.35

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