STEP TWO: GAME ON! 400% Profit!

23¢ turned into $21.23!

December 2011

I've got a good feeling about this one. Last night, I came across an ad on Craigslist for 3 handheld electronic games. Yahtzee, Fishing, and Monopoly. I quickly checked listings on Ebay and found out that ain't nobody goin' fishing these days with those little electronic handheld fishing games with the tiny reel on the side. Same goes for Monopoly games unless the electronic version is a huge one with lots of buttons, which this one wasn't. The seller was asking $10 for all three but he agreed to $5 for just the Yahtzee game from 1995.  These aren't sold in this style anymore. There is a newer version available for $53 but it seems people prefer this older version for some reason.

It's listed now on Ebay with an accurate description and some good pictures. We'll see if I can do better than I did with the staple remover. This time, I included a meager shipping fee. Three day auction... cross your fingers.

UPDATE (12/2/11): The auction ended with 24 bids and the winner bidder came in with $26 to win the classic Yahtzee game.  That's a WIN / WIN situation. Onto the next step!

UPDATE (1/28/2012): Buyer comment from Ebay, "Good deal." 

Step Two: Bought for $5, Sold for $26
Project Profit: $21.23

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