STEP EIGHT: A few freebies, or are they?

Didn't sell.

$1,171.14 becomes $1,208.19

Sold for $21.26

When a neighbor joins in the excitement, how can I turn down an offer for free stuff?

Sold for $36  !!!

Step Eight: Bought for Free, Sold for $37.05
Project Profit: $1,208.19

A neighbor of mine collects interesting household items and offered to give me some with the intent that I would sell them and split the profit with her 50/50. It sounded like an easy way to get items so I took about a dozen things and processed them. Learning what title to use that mirrors what others call something is a skill unto its own and I spent longer than I would have liked figuring out how to write the description for each item. Then another late night to photograph the items and put them online.  After the first round of 5-day auctions, three of the five items sold for a total of $38. Split that in half for my share and I ended up with $19, or maybe $4.25 per hour of labor. It's possible that one of the items in my neighbor's collection could be a big hit online, but finding the right pool of buyers and figuring out which one of the dozens of items offered is the good bet may not be worth my time.  Still, $19 is something. 

UPDATE: The Red and Silver vase pictured above was the big winner of the day, selling for a whopping $36.  Not too silly for something shorter than a salt shaker!

That puts my half of the profit at $37.05 for this step. 
Sold for $12.84
Sold for $4

Step Eight: Bought for Free, Sold for $37.05
Project Profit: $1,208.19

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