STEP ELEVEN - FOURTEEN: What other crap you got for sale?

$1,332.90 becomes $1,411.40
February 29, 2012

I think I know how hoarders get started. It's easy to see something and feel a strong desire to want to buy it. The potential to making money on something is a very attractive feeling when in the buying mood. If that isn't a surefire way to fill your house with crap, then tie me to an anthill and fill my ears with jam.
This old enamel cigar sign ended up being the surprise winner of the items, yet again confirming that old stuff is gold. I paid $5 for this and sold for $43.

Looking through Craigslist, I found a person selling a random assortment of odds and ends. It was interesting that many of his items fit within 2 of the 3 criteria of the trifecta. They were sellable and they were priced right, they just weren't of high enough value for what I was looking for. However, taking the advice from some I've gotten lately, as well as that of Frank Fritz's style on American Pickers, I decided to try the bundler approach.  Below are a couple items from the lot I scored from one seller.

March 9, 2012

I know that the idea here is to let it all ride at each step. I was just having a hard time doing so when I couldn't find just the right item to buy. So instead of taking a risk on something I didn't feel good about, I decided to buy a few smaller items and bundle my way along a little further. There was one guy on Craigslist who had multiple listings of interesting items for sale. Typically, I would avoid this type of seller because they remind me too much of myself and I figure they must know what they're doing. Hence, the profit isn't going to be as good as it usually is. For some reason, it seemed that this guy's stuff was priced right and I took the chance and bought a few of them.  So far, my suspicions were wrong and I may only break even on these items. They all recently ended on Ebay and I have shipped them off. I still have two of the items left and if they sell, then I will end up ahead.  We'll see how this one ends. But all of this fooling around just reminds me that I really need to step it up and buy something big.

I came close twice.  There was a french painting that I think I could have profited on. It appears to have sold out from under me before I had the funds. Then, this week there was a posting for a 1969 VW Westfalia with birch wood interior for only $2k. Those sell easily on Ebay for $5-8k.  I had missed it by one day. This proves the point that even in a smaller town, you really have to be ready to jump on the good purchases.  I'm getting ready to do that.

A supportive neighbor gave me this Grundig short wave radio to help add to my bottom line. Free turned into $21.50

Another neighbor who once dabbled in women's clothing on Ebay gave me this mannequin. I was able to find it a new home for $25. 

This is an item from the lot on Craigslist. It's an air powered nail gun and while it should have sold for $100+, I only got $67. I think my fatal mistake was listing that it was untested. ALWAYS be ready to tell your buyer if the thing works or not. Stupid mistake.

Bought for $75, sold for $153.50. 
Total Profit For All Steps So Far: $1,411.40

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