STEP TEN: Let the Good TIME$ ROLL!

February 28, 2012

$1,269.90 becomes $1,332.90

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been pleasantly surprised that my wife has been very supportive of this project, particularly since I made nearly $800 off a $40 item.  So it was even more of a surprise when she told me recently that she didn't think I was taking enough risk in my recent steps.  "What about the plan? 20 steps? Doubling your total money each time, sound familiar?" she asked.  I tried explaining that my new plan is to make money any way I can (though still by selling things, just at a lower price if needed) in order to make my total profit climb to the price of the next big purchase. So, I'm not abandoning the notion of 20 steps, but I think I'm being more realistic that at times, it may take a few intervening steps to get to the next major level.  For anyone wondering why I need to get to some predetermined level before putting it all on the line again, the answer is that I can't just expect to find something for that exact price. Much of the time, I am at the mercy of the seller's asking price, part of the Perfect Trifecta I explained in an earlier post.

Along those lines then of bringing up my total to some necessary level, I spotted this vintage beauty and had to jump on it, even if my own weight exceeded the limits of its design.

Step Ten: Bought for $85, sold  for $148.  
Project Profit: $1,332.90

It's an authentic 1959 Ford style Murray Pedal Car.  Ideal for kids ages about 2-5, this little car has two rubber pedals which use ball bearing shafts to drive the rear wheels. The steering wheel turns the front wheels and you're rolling down the sidewalk, cruising for chicks with mango flavored popsicles. 

The panels are a bit scratched up from the hard life of driving school when your student drivers are 3 years old but it's in good shape considering it's been rolling down America's Elm Streets for 53 years. 

One thing that sets this pedal car apart from many of the others is that it boasts its own trunk with working tailgate. Be the life of the party at the big game by bringing the Juicy Juices to your friends in this little number.

SOLD for $168. Not quite as much as I'd hoped for, but I doubled my money. For future reference, these cars are heavy to ship. It took awhile to create a box to fit it and I undervalued the shipping. It cost $80 to mail and the seller only paid $60 of that. Next time, I need to do better at packaging the item before listing it so I can accurately list the shipping price.

Step Ten: Bought for $85, sold  for $148.  
Project Profit: $1,332.90

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