STEP NINE: From Free Yard Sale to SOLD!

$1,208.19 becomes $1,269.90

Some neighbors of mine decided to go out with the old and had a free swap meet. People could take anything they wanted for free. I waited around until everyone had taken what they wanted and at the end, I offered to clean up the rest.  Most of it I took to Goodwill to donate, but a few items, at the invitation from the swap meet founder, I placed on Ebay.  Here are the results.

 This is a Lowe Alpine waterproof raincoat.  It looked like it had never seen the light of day, let alone a drop of moisture.  FREE turned into $10.39
This is a clamshell shaped Nautica brand duffle bag. It was new with tags, allowing the coveted NWT title moniker on Ebay.  FREE turned into $11.01
(I'm surprised this didn't go for more money as similar ones had sold online, but I'll take $11!)
 In October 1994, during an apparent upstairs bedroom closet plot to gather the world's supply of paper animation, some teenager got really into comic books.  In November the same year, that teenager must have gotten his first date because that was also the end of this impressive young comic book collection. 25 assorted comic books all from the same month for FREE turned into $10.01 

Step Nine: Bought for $1, sold for $62.71
Now that's what I call a successful yard sale!
Project Profit: $1,269.90

Buying used sandals? I don't know. It's a toss up. But they were Teva brand and lightly used. I decided to see if I could get anything for them. FREE turned into $4.25 

As Frank Fritz of American Pickers might say, "I was bundling the profits." 

Women's size 6 shoes? Pretty small market for even tinier toes, but what the heck, put 'em online with everything else. Someone's walking around in them now after putting $5.50 more in my pocket.
Remember the second step in this whole project? The black Yahtzee game from 1995 that jumped from $5 to $27?  Well, a few weeks ago I found it's cousin, the smoke clear plastic model. This time, it wasn't $5, it was only $1.  How could I say no to that?  I was actually holding onto it hoping to use it for my first step on my second million but decided that was stacking the deck and chose to sell it.  $1 turned into $21.55  

I find it interesting that the traditional solid black color game brought in more money than the cooler "Swatch" design of the clear plastic model. 

Total cost and profit for this step:

Step Nine: Bought for $1, sold for $62.71
Now that's what I call a successful yard sale!
Project Profit: $1,269.90

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