Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda.

 I totally missed out on an opportunity this morning.

A friend called to tell me that a big hotel in town has closed is is liquidating all of its assets.  He thought I should stop by.  I might need a chafing dish, or 75 personal sized Mr. Coffee Makers.

 The hotel was empty except for a lobby stocked with display items of sample things they have left on the seven floors above. I took the elevator up to the top. It was like the set from The Shining, after shooting.  A stray queen size mattress in room 705, a headboard in 713. Three data cables in the doorway of the sweet.  And everywhere were holes in the doors. What happened to all of the locks?

Back at the lobby I saw a sign that the entire collection of "credit card" style door locks were for sale in one lot for $3000.  I assume this included the machine to program the cards and the cards themselves, batteries, and all other hardware. My first reaction was, who would buy that?!

Then I came home tonight and looked them up.  Each of those locks sells new on Ebay for $150.  Used, they're going for at least $75. And this hotel had 150 rooms. Calculate 150 rooms X $75 per lock, that could have been a windfall of $11,000.

Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda.

Not that I have $3k now because I sunk them into some bad decisions, but it's nice to know there's things like this out there.


  1. Hey Brian.
    Simon here from New Zealand.
    Mate are you still going for it?
    Your last post was in April right?
    Whats happening with your project now?
    You're doing great mate keep going!

  2. Hi Mike and Simon. Glad to hear someone's been following along. I find myself falling into a pattern of work on this in the winter season. Here it is late winter and I'm feverishly back at it. I've updated the blog. Hope you haven't given up on me yet. Things are getting exciting again.